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Stick Drill Plastic Wearing Armor Long Style

Stick Drill Plastic Wearing Armor Long Style

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Product information:
Pattern: Cross, cartoon, marble, love heart, bow, plaid, butterfly, leopard print, embossed, cow pattern, XINGX
Color: LF646 black and white geometry [Jelly Glue],LF638 bright powder [Jelly Glue],LF592 pink white goddess [Jelly Glue],LF612 Strawberry Girl [Jelly Glue],LF613 wisteria [Jelly Glue],LF608 star Moon snake [Jelly Glue],LF652 pink blue gradient butterfly [Jelly Glue],BKS1204 gold snake printing [Jelly Glue rub], LF360 gradient small diamond [glue], LF495 leopard print nail tip [glue]]], LF501 rhinestone love [glue style], BKS1418 black gold ripple [Jelly Glue style],LF509 simple wave [glue style],LF499 shiny black silver [glue style]],LF472 light white flash Camellia [glue model],LF467 water drop France [glue model],BKS1223 camouflage geometry [Jelly Glue model],LF549 red and black [Jelly Glue model],LF521 dream Star River [glue model]],BKS1317 Aibo [Jelly Glue],BKS1283 retro sweetheart [Jelly Glue],BKS888 marbling [glue],BKS1364 flow heart macaron [Jelly Glue],LF354 gradient nail tip [glue]],LF285 gradient French [Jelly Glue],LF610 color annotation [Jelly Glue],LF609 Rainbow Star Moon eye [Jelly Glue],BKS1363 Kallima inachus [Jelly Glue],LF653 black butterfly [Jelly Glue]],LF342 love piercing [Jelly Glue], LF611 love cartoon [Jelly Glue],LF342 red and white love piercing [Jelly Glue], LF475 pink love piercing [glue]]], BKS1305 pink marble [jelly gel model burnishing stick],BKS1290 blue water ripple [jelly gel model]]
Specification: 24 pieces/box
Net content: 20g

Packing list:

Nail slices * 24pcs+glue * 1/jelly glue * 1+alcohol cotton slices * 1

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