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Nail Enhancement Decoration Soaking Powder

Nail Enhancement Decoration Soaking Powder

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The cans are 200 ml, and the powder of each can is about 190g-200 g. Our cans are packaged with 200 g. Please note

What is Dipping Powder?
This technique uses a super pigment powder (hence its name) to color your nails. The exact procedure varies from recipe to recipe, but in general, your technician will first remove the excess grease from your nails, cover them with primer, and then apply your fingers one by one with colored powder. The powder is then usually set with several coats of topcoat, transparent powder and another round of topcoat. What's the result? Super smooth and durable enhancements that last more than three weeks.

Well, is powdered nails better than acrylic or gel?
Welp, it all depends on the final result you are looking for. If you want to go longer and are willing to maintain regularly, Acrylic may be your best choice. However, if you decide between gel and impregnating powder, the main differences you will see are application (UV and powder pigments), texture (gel is a little smoother than powder) and durability (gel will last for two weeks, but powder can last for three weeks or more).

How do you apply powdered nail polish at home?
1. Prepare the nail by pushing the cuticle back and filing the nail into the shape you want.
2. Use facial cleanser to remove grease and dirt on nail bed.
3. Once the nail is cleaned and dried.
4. Dip in pink and use a brush to remove excess powder.
5. Repeat the whole process: double dunks to ensure full coverage and create a stronger manicure.
6. Finally, paint the nails with activator, glue the colored powder into a paint gloss, and paint it to obtain additional strength.

Packing list:

200g jar x nail powder (7oz)

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