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Nail Art Silicone Printing Plastic Template

Nail Art Silicone Printing Plastic Template

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Product information:

Material: Silicone
Shelf life: 36 months
Net content: 25g
Nail Product Category: Nail Tools
Product size: length 15.2cm width 15.2cm
Suitable for skin type: any skin type

Style 1: Embossed printing template 01
Style 2: Embossed Printing Template 02
Style 3: Embossed printing template 03
Style 4: Nail Powder MCB01
Style 5: nail powder MCB02
Style 6: Nail Powder MCB03
Style 7: Nail Powder MCB07
Style 8: nail powder MCB10
Style 9: nail powder MCB12
Style 10: nail powder GX03
Style 11: nail powder GX07
Style 12: nail powder GX08
Style 13: PVC soft white
Style 14: PVC soft transparent
Style 15: embossed printing template 04

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