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Gradient Diamond Wear Hand-painted Nail Finished

Gradient Diamond Wear Hand-painted Nail Finished

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Product information:

Product Name:Nail art patch
Color classification: XS code 51 juan S code (suitable for 80% of people) 51 juan M code 51 juan L code 51 juan change nail size size non-refundable 51 juan
Measurement: wrap the nail with a soft ruler, measure the curvature of the widest part of the nail size rather large than small, if it is 11.5mm even 12mm many people two hand size is not the same, so it is recommended that ten fingers are measured Oh, nails flat need to contact customer service notes.

The use of jelly gel:
(1) clean the nail surface with alcohol cotton (2) choose the right jelly paste
(3) the jelly paste stick to the nail surface tear off the film (4) press the nail piece for 30 seconds until firm

The use of glue:
(1) Carefully polish the entire nail with nail polish
(2) Use alcohol sponge to clean the nail surface with dust and grease
(3) Apply the glue to the nail surface, but not to the whole nail surface.
(4) Press the glue from the root at an angle and press it for a while.

Size information:


Thumbs Up

Index finger

Middle finger

Ring Finger


XS 14 10 11 10 7
S 15 11 12 11 8
M 16 12 13 12 9
L 17 13 14 13 10

Packing list:

Nail art patch + Sand bar+glue+wood stick+alcohol cotton+crystal adhesive

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