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Fashionable And Simple Wearing Fake Nails

Fashionable And Simple Wearing Fake Nails

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Product information:

Material: plastic
Style: fashion and simplicity
Colour: FS001 brown 20pcs bag, FS002 wine red 20pcs bag, FS003 purple 20pcs bag, FS004 royal blue 20pcs bag, FS005 dark purple 20pcs bag, FS006 green 20pcs bag, FS007 pearl blue 20pcs bags, FS008 white 24pcs bags, FS009 rose red 20pcs bags, FS010 yellow 20pcs bags, FS011 fluorescent green 20pcs bags, FS012 pink 20pcs bags, FS013 lake blue 20pcs bags, FS014 orange 20 pieces bag, FS015 black 20 pieces bag

Packing list:

Fake nails*20


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