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Cross 618 Tempering Nail Hair Bundle Flat Hair Extension

Cross 618 Tempering Nail Hair Bundle Flat Hair Extension

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Product information:

Product Name: Hair Extender
Product Model: JR-618-Temperature
Product size: total size: 253ᅲ48ᅲ33mm
Product color: black, pink
Product Specifications: Power 35W 100-120V/220-240V 50/60HZ
Product certification: CE, CCC, ROHS, ETL

1. Salon hair tools.
2. The metal surface is elongated design, better heat dissipation function, and there will be no hot feeling after long-term use.
3. The front-end sol head design is more suitable for flat hairspray, and Teflon is sprayed on the surface, which can play a better role in heat resistance and wear resistance, and keep your hair safe and non-destructive.
4. There are two types of constant temperature and online temperature control. The constant temperature is stable after reaching 210 ᄚC; the temperature range of temperature control is between 100 ᄚC and 200 ᄚC, which meets the different melting points of various glues.
5.2 meters + 0.5 meters long power cord.

Packing list:

Hair Extension*1

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